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Just discovered that if you buy Lost Season 5 on either Blu-Ray or DVD from HMV (UK), it will come with an exclusive bonus disc. According to the HMV website, the DVD bonus disc contains:

* Lost on Location- THIS PLACE IS DEATH - The Smoke Monster makes its return as we go behind the scenes look at this episode.
* Lost on Location - 316 - Explore the construction of the Lamp PostStation and Ajira Flight 316, two elaborate and important sets for this episode.
* Ben vs. Desmond Fight - Join Michael Emerson (Ben) and Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond), and their stunt doubles as they rehearse and film their big fight scene.
* Locke's Leg - Take a look at how make-up artists created and executed Locke's broken leg.
* Rose and Bernard Retirement - Bernard and Rose are back. Find out where they have been for the past three years since the island moved.
* Ben in Smokey's Lair - Enter Smokey's lair with Michael Emerson and the LOST crew as Ben prepares to confront the Smoke Monster.
* DELETED SCENES. Run time approximately 20 minute.

There is no mention of what the Blu-Ray bonus disc contains.


Source: SpoilerTV

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