Just savin the world

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Thanks to Michael for this one......

Bonus disk, Phase 3, option 1, Lostconnections, first Jack, then Desmond, then number screen. If you are a dweeb and don't enter the numbers in correctly in a given period of time, just let it cycle through. On about the 5th cycle it will engage.

First are the red and black heiroglyphs, then the blast door comes down, then the blacklite map.

Inman says, "Just savin the world...."

Then it shows all of the different DHARMA symbols

Then the plane crash, inside the plane, screen reads green "System Failure" with Jack saying, "It doesn't matter what we did before,who we were before the crash, 3 days ago we all died...we should all be able to start over...".

Then static, and a blue screen with numbers in bottom left corner R: 04:08:23:42 or something very close, 15 and 16 were missing. Then static and back to Phase 1, 2, and 3 choices.

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