Thanks to Lulinha_k for the information on the Deleted Scenes. We hope to have the videos of these shortly.

A Tale Of Two Cities: "Doctor to the rescue"
The Jack-back scene that was cut from TOTC. She saves the blond little girl that was suffocating at the playground. This scene starts with Jack inside his car in front of a school, looking at Sarah. Its the sequence of this scene.

After he saved the girl, he looks at Sarah, who is staring at him with disgust. She seems totally annoyed by his presence. Jack is totally shy, kind of embarrassed on this scene. He smiles at her and tells that he was going to the hospital but he thought that would be ok stop by to see her. She looks at him with that cold look that he use to glance him every once and awhile, and tells him just to sign the divorce papers.

Once and again, Sarah is breaking Jack´s heart. I'm kind of glad they cut that scene.
She walks away and the little girl tells Jack to not trust Sarah.

Further Instructions: "Introducing Nikki and Paolo"
This is another scene that I'm glad they cut from the original episode.
Its the scene introducing Nikki and Paolo. How that happens: Claire is taking care of Aaron when she hears some weird noises coming from Jacks tent. She starts to call Jack's name, and when she opens the tent she sees Pikki having sex there.

Further Instructions: "Sex Talk"
The sequence of the "Pikki's sex scene". Nikki goes talk to Claire, to ask sorry about what she just saw.

The Glass Ballerina: "Breaking Rocks"
Sawyer and Kate breaking rocks during their time on Alcatraz. Pickett come to Sawyer and asks him if he knows why he is breaking rocks. Sawyer says "no", and Pickett says that its for a "runaway". They start a little arguement and Pickett tells him that the only reason why he is still alive is because Ben needs him alive.

I Do: "Alex and Daddy"
Pickett took Alex to see Ben. Ben asked him to leave Sawyer alone, that he needs Pickett's word that he wont do anything with Sawyer. Pickett agrees and then Ben tells him to leave.

Ben says to Alex that Karl is not dead, that he is locked, because he needs to learn to do what he is told to.

They start to fight and Alex tells Ben that she hates him and wish he was dead. Then Ben tells her about his tumor.

Flashes Before Your Eyes: "Super-powers, dude!"
Locke is fishing and Hurley is near him. Suddenly, he asks Locke if he has superpowers. Locke stares confused at him, and then Hurley starts to talk about super-heroes, like Flash (that got his powers after beeing reached by a lightning), and all the strange things that happened with them on the island, like the sky turning purple, the earthquake. That he thinks that might be some kind of radiation and asks Locke what happened when the hatch exploded.

Locke says he woke up in the jungle with a bad headache and no voice. Then Hurley asks him about Desmond. Locke says he saw Desmond running through the jungle.

Hurley tells him that Desmond can see the future. Locke tells he doesnt want to know about what is going to happen in the future. Hurley asks why, and he answers that he might not like what he is gonna find out.

Tricia Tanaka is Dead: "Charlie Carries On"
Charlie is chopping wood, and Kate comes in. She asks him if he is going to keep working on the church. She says that Sayid told her about what happened with Eko. Kate notes that Charlie is a little bit distracted and asks him if he is ok. He says he is, and asks her if she is going to leave again. She answers "Yes" and invites him to join her. Charlie says he would love to, but he has some other stuff to do.
She kisses him on the cheek and leaves.

Tricia Tanaka is Dead: "Changing Our Luck"
Hurley and Sawyer talking. Sawyer asks Hurley if he was serious about what he said earlier, about fixing the van, turn things around and change their luck. Hurley says he was. Charlie comes and "thanks Hurley for slapping" him, and they start to laugh.

The Man Behind the Curtain: "The Journey to Jacob´s Place"
Ben is taking Locke to see Jacob. Locke asks Ben if he was bothered because Alex gave him a gun. Ben says that Alex is just a teenager, that she is going through a "rebel phase".

Locke wonders what is gonna happen when she find out that she is not Ben's daughter. He says to Ben that he knows Alex is Rosseau's daughter and that he kidnapped her when she was a baby.

Ben args that he didn't kidnapped Alex, that he "just took her to rises her".
Locke asks why he told her that her mother was dead then. Ben says he did it because Rosseau is a lunatic who killed her own crew and spent the last 16 years sleeping in ditches. Ben tells Locke to imagine how great his childhood could had beein if he had no idea about who his parents were.

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