Thanks to Lyly and Butterfly Kate, it appears that the UK Season 3 Disk set has an extra disk.

My set has eight discs, the last one is in the case with the normal Bonus disc (that has Ben and Juliet on it). It doesn't have any of the characters on it like the others, but is just silver with the Buena Vista Logo and is labelled 'Lost Series 3 Exclusive Bonus Content Disc'

There's also Lost on Location segments for the Cost of Living, Enter 77 and DOC on this disc, as well as a deleted scene in which Sawyer finds a little toy inside the Dharma cereal box.

Here's what happens in the scene:

Kate is taken back into the locker rooms where she originally got her dress by Tom. She is handcuffed and sits on the bench. She gets up, finds some kind of shampoo/shower gell and squirts some on to her wrists. She tries to get the handcuffs off, screaming as she does so. When this doesn't work she links her hands over the top of a locker door, and pulls down, to the point where her feet are off the floor, and the handcuffs still won't come loose. More screaming. The door partly comes off, she falls to the floor and cries - the caps you posted above, Lyly.

Source: Butterfly Kate

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