Thanks to Sarah, and susan14509 for this transcript of the commentary on the Finale Kiss. Special thanks to Clarisse from Brasil for the actual transcript.

Carlton: So this scene here was obviously one of our big and favorite moments in the story and you know. We're, you know, all season long we have been dealing with the, well, all show long we've been dealing with the romantic triangle between Kate and Jack and Sawyer, and for us this was a huge moment in that story, you know, we've seen actually in the show earlier this year that Jack and Kate got engaged in the future and now we're basically in a place where we know that that is coming up we know they'll sorta be together in the future. We know that Sawyer is not one of the Oceanic 6 and now we're actually gonna get to see how that actually all transpires. At least a part of it.

Damon: And most importantly we know that Kate and Jack's future relationship in fact that he proposes to her, she accepts his propposal, all comes apart because she is doing something for Sawyer and lying to Jack about it. And this scene, this is the last time Kate and Sawyer see each other before she leaves the island, so whatever it is he whispers to her obviously is what sort of catalyzes and ultimately destroys her relationship with Jack. As a result of that relationship being destroyed Jack starts popping pills and seeing his father and all these things, so this scene, Sawyer whispering to Kate actually is sort of a major critical plot -

Carlton: By the way, in a production level, those stuff actually dumping into the water, we actually see them splash dowm, I just, I never can see that enough.

Source: Clarisse at Fishbiscuitland

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