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On the discs we have the Donkey Wheel, the foucaut pendulum from the Lamp Post, the Jughead, the Statue and Locke's compass. I have the HMV bonus disc version, and just to let you know the bonus disc is exactly the same as the DVD one. The spine of the Blu-ray version has an image on the side, whilst the DVD one doesn't for some reason. It's super thin this time! All 5 discs fit into one standard sized Blu-ray case, as shown in the comparison picture. As for features, LOST 100 is exclusive and can be found on Disc 4. Lost University is on Disc 5, although when you try to access it you get a message telling you that classes start December 8th. So even though we get the set early, we still have to wait until then.

There is something else too. I don't know if you want to post about this separately on the main site or anything, since a lot of people don't check the DVD section. On the cover of the Blu-ray edition, there are some hidden hieroglyphics in the bottom left corner, as was stated at the D23 expo by the staff. It is not on the regular DVD cover. I have taken a picture, but the age ratings seem to be covering a few of the symbols which is annoying! I've also tried to highlight the ones I can see as best as I can. There is also a much larger picture I have uploaded to Lostpedia.

Source: Baker1000@DarkUFO

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