Thanks to Baker1000 for the following.

Finally we Brits can enjoy this season in HD! So I took some pics for the site, if you want them.

About the set: There are 7 discs instead of 6 like the US version. 4 episodes a disc instead of 5. The box is the usual Blu-ray box and not the bigger one America had. There is also no message from the producers or inner cover illustrations. Looks like the disc art has been changed a little for the Blu-ray release too. Disc 3 includes Desmond's face and Disc 4 has Hurley included. This means Disc 6 has Ben and Juliet on it, whereas Disc 7 has the Season 3 main cast picture on it. Bonus features include Access: Granted and Blu-Prints, as the US release did. An exclusive feature has been added to this release, which is the Orchid Orientation Outtakes from Comic-Con 2007. Also, as far as I can tell the Disc 7 bonus feature menu is different, although I don't know what it looked like on the US edition. It's not the same as the DVD menu.

Hope you find this useful! -

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