Thanks to DZ for the following.

A contact of mine at ABC home video has just told me (well actually she sent me the email 3 days ago, but I just read it) that Best Buy will have the Season 5 exclusive bonus "in-pack" this year in the US

included with the exclusive edition is the bonus disc that was offered by HMV in the UK... Also included is some sort of Dharma tag... I think its some sort of army-like Dog Tag and chain, with an embossed dharma logo if I understand her correctly.

Note: unlike the UK, this is not a pre order item... It will be included with the first shipment of copies sent to all best buy stores in the US... meaning that supplies are only expected to last for a week or two.

(Also note that ABC home video just announced this exclusive set themselves, so it is not even on the best buy website yet)

Source: DZ@DarkUFO

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